The renowned Energy Institute at Samsø offers cutting-edge courses.

In close cooperation with the Energy Academy, we have offered courses in continuation of our work on the consequences of climate change.

Now we offer courses targeted to people who want to lead. We have relevant suggestions as to why action should be taken and how the individual finds room for sustainable change.

At the Energy Academy, we have worked for a lifetime after the motto that we "Makes things happen" - it's all about the community, being able to act and how we do it together. 


Therefore, we invite you or your workplace to take the matter in the other hand, where change is no longer a choice but a necessity? 

We offer a three-part course where we design processes that promote understanding of community power. With this knowledge we can increase local change in a world where the consequences of climate change are the primary challenge. 

Our methods deal with mapping the site "here" and what resources are available. Participants will study our methods closely, which will give them experience on how to ¨ makes things happen ¨. With these tools, participants will be able to act actively on changes that require common sense.